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CWARice at a Glance

Rice is one of the most important food crops in the Central and West Asia region and demand for rice is rising fast. This region is among the fastest growing worldwide in terms of rice demand. Large demand growth occurs in countries of the region, including many countries that do not produce significant amounts of rice on their own and rely entirely on imports.

Food security is a primary issue not only for Central-West Asia but also for the world. Since national solutions of countries today has become insufficient, regional and even global solutions should be found for overcoming security challenges. Global challenges such as food security, climate change as well regional problems in our neighborhood call for prompt and coordinated action at regional and global level. Therefore, regional cooperation and solidarity in these areas have become crucial more than before.

Advanced global challenges couldn’t be tackled without the consensus of the whole world on using cooperative strategies. CWA region with its significant economic power, vast natural resources and dynamic work force, has a huge development potential which we should harness in the interest of all our member countries. A coordinated regional effort linked strategically to the global rice science community, is needed for enhancing rice R&D in Central-West Asia. No country alone is able to make the fundamental scientific breakthrough to address the burning issues of the future.

Central and West Asian Rice Center (CWARice) headquartered in Rasht, Iran is of great importance in terms of promoting sustainable rice production and increased income through increasing the productivity of rice systems as well as enhancing resilience to climate change and climatic extremes, land use change, population growth and the fragility of the rice trade market in Central-West Asia. The main organizational structure of CWARice consists of a Technical Management Committee (TMC) composing fully authorized representatives of all member countries in the region.

CWARice is committed to promote and support interdependence, reduce barriers, and collectively change perspectives of all partners: research workers and administrators, policymakers and donors both inside and outside the region, as they become full partners in the regional rice community.

By pursuing regional cooperation, enhancing existing relations and strengthening scientific-technical ties among the CWA countries, CWARice is committed to the best in rice research & development now and into the future.

In general, Coordination, Cooperation & Partnership (CCP) are the main drivers for reaching CWARice’s vision of success and regional center will provide a new umbrella for strengthening and expanding partnerships between CWA countries. For sure, an effective partnership of public & private sectors, policy makers, stakeholders & scientists of member countries and international organizations at CWARice operations will contribute to achieving its goals towards rice sustainable development and food security in CWA region.