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The Global Rice Science Partnership (GRiSP) has become effective in January 2011 as the first new CGIAR Research Program (CRP), led by IRRI. GRiSP seeks to align the research strategies and capacities of major rice research programs worldwide, to the benefit of rice farmers and consumers. It provides a new platform for conducting research more effectively. GRiSP will contribute their comparative strengths and thus act beyond the borders of their own country – but also greatly benefit for advancing rice science and technologies in their own country. At present, the six international centers and organizations in GRiSP (IRRI, AfricaRice, CIAT, JIRCAS, Cirad, IRD) have about 900 rice research, development, and other partners representing many institutional and societal sectors worldwide. It has been mentioned on page 49 of Global Rice Science Partnership (GRiSP) that “Iran is expected to play a leading role in GRiSP for rice development in different agro-climatic regions of West and Central Asia, including capacity building at a new regional training center associated with the Rice Research Institute of Iran (RRII). Iran will also be a key regional center for the global genotyping- phenotyping effort in GRiSP PL 1.2, with focus on abiotic stresses and their interactions”.

To meet the huge challenge of producing 25% more rice by 2035 needed for global food security and poverty alleviation.