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The Rice Research Institute of Iran(RRII) is the leading institute in rice research in Iran. RRII is under the supervision of AREEO. However, rice research has been started since 1960; RRII was inaugurated in 1994 as a national institute headquarters of Guilan (Rasht). IRAN has around 612,000 hectares paddy fields mostly covered at Caspian belt namely Guilan, Mazandaran and Golestan, and about 25% rest of rice areas distributed in the other 13 provinces with different climate conditions. RRII is handling rice research activities at the most rice cultivated areas in Iran. Research activities of RRII are mainly professional on the current agricultural fields and are engaged in the all rice and paddy field aspects from nursery to plate. As a regional and national research institute, RRII strives to promote applied and basic research and organize training of pioneered farmers and experts, workshops etc. that are a part of RRII continuous and interval job. Scientific staff of the institute consists of acknowledged experts in their fields and include more than 60 researchers holding PhD and MS degrees. In addition, RRII enjoys sophisticated, modern and well-equipped research facilities and research field with three main activities with specific sites namely: qualitative and quantitative promotion and management of rice, rice based cropping systems, and climate change on paddy fields.

Iran has had extensive collaboration with IRRI, through 1976 our country through the Ministry of Agriculture, AREEO and the representation role of RRII since 1976 and their collaboration is being continued so far.

It has just been some effective parts of this strategic crop, promoting two to three folds the yield of rice from 2/5 to 5 tons and now up to 7 tons p/h and this is as important achievements of this bilateral collaboration.

The results of fifty years experience and three decades of scientific- research collaboration between Rice Research Institute (RRII) and IRRI has put Iran as well as regional countries (Middle East, Africa along with Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey and etc) in a new distinct phase and new aspect toward better world for national/ regional farmers.