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Fourth TMC Meeting

The Technical Management Committee (TMC) of CWARice held its fourth annual meeting on 29 May 2016 at the Rice Research Institute of Iran (RRII), Rasht, Iran,

The Technical Management Committee (TMC) of CWARice held its fourth annual meeting on 29 May 2016 at the Rice Research Institute of Iran (RRII), Rasht, Iran, attended by TMC members and some senior officials of Ministries of Agriculture from; Afghanistan (Mr. Abdul-Tawab Dalawary), Azerbaijan (Dr. Imran Jumshudov, Mr.Yagub Guliyev and Mr.Teyyub Rezayev), I. R. Iran (Dr. F. Alinia), Iraq (Mr. Hameed Majeed Rdhaiwi and Dr. Saad Hatem),  Kazakhstan (Dr. Saule Baibassynova), Kyrgyzstan (Dr. Dzhamin Akimaliev), Tajikistan (Mr. D. Sherali), Turkey (Dr. Adnan Tulek and Dr. Halil Surek) and Uzbekistan (Dr. Anvar Abdullaev).

The program was opened with welcome remarks by Dr. Shahdi (Regional Coordinator and head of RRTC-CWA). Then, changing the logo and name of regional center to Central and West Asian Rice Center (CWARice) suggested by Dr. Shahdi to be approved by TMC members.  Mr. Abdullaev was introduced as a new TMC member from Uzbekistan and it was approved by all member countries. Dr. F. Alinia, TMC member from Iran, the president of TMC, had a speech on rice research and education: opportunities for regional collaboration. The country reports were represented by members.

Progress report and new strategies of CWARice including Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) for cooperation among CWA countries presented by Coordinator/ Head of RRTC-CWA. Following the report of the Coordinator, the TMC members acknowledged the range of accomplishments of the Center for 2014 - 2016 under the management of Dr. K. A. Shahdi.

Research and training proposals, as documents of the meeting including; securing a stable regional supply by building a new generation of CWA rice scientists (by Dr. K. Tajaddodi); an international workshop on national rice development strategies for Central and West Asia (by Dr. S. M. Soltani); climate change adaptation technologies in rice cropping systems (by Dr. M. Rezaei) and Agro-ecotourism for CWA countries with RRTC-CWA supervision (by Ms. M. Foroughi) and progress report on sub project of the EMERGE-CWA: the first regional rice yield nursery (RRYN) in Central-West Asia (by Dr. H. R. Soroush) were submitted and presented at the meeting.

Afterwards, a draft of Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) on multilateral cooperation among Central and West Asian Countries: Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq, Tajikistan, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan for establishment of Central and West Asian Rice Center (CWARice) and aforesaid documents to be released at the high level regional meeting on 30-31 May, 2016, were reviewed technically by TMC members.

Agreements and Plans of 4th TMC:

The members have agreed to the following issues, namely:

a. Renaming the regional center from RRTC-CWA to Central and West Asian Rice Center (CWA Rice) and related Logo was approved and endorsed by the TMC members.

b. Holding the rice production training course for 2017 was approved by TMC members. As the funding for conducting this course in 2016 is not certain, the RRTC is seeking financial support from national and international donors to support this important course.

c. The members have approved and agreed to continue the implementation of the proposed EMERGE-CWA project by Turkey, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Iraq, and I.R. Iran in 2017 and more member counties need to be involved in the EMERGE- CWA project with their own existing available funds and resources. It was further agreed that at least 22 high-yielding varieties will be contributed to the EMERGE by each member country through CWARice.

d. After comprehensive discussion, TMC members approved to sign proposed MOA (Annex I) subject to the rules and regulations of member countries.

e. It was approved the High Level Regional Meeting shall be held every four years.

Venue and date of the 5th TMC meeting:

As the next President of TMC, Mr. Yagub Guliyev, TMC member from Azerbaijan, was unanimously elected as the next President of TMC and it was further agreed to have the 5th TMC meeting in Azerbaijan, Baku in early June 2017. Dr. K. A. Shahdi will send an official letter to the Agriculture Ministry of Azerbaijan requesting them to host the 5th TMC meeting.