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Latest research report by Iraqi partner on mutual projects

CWA­Rice Center- Iraq scientific cooperation: on going activities during rice season 2020

خلاصة نشاطات التعاون مع المكتب الاقليمي لوسط وغرب اسيا


Hameed Majeed Rdhaiwi- Dr.AbdulKadhim Jawad Musa

and Khidhir Abbas Hameed

Republic of Iraq – Agricultural Researches Office –Al-Najaf Researches Department

Al-Mishkhab Rice Research Station - Najaf province



1. At 2020 rice season, we conducted of sowing date trail for rice genotypes from EMERGE1 and 2 for the second season to be sure which the rice genotypes are suitable to be sowing at the Iraqi condit

2. Conducted the morphological description of rice that the CWA Rice Center was sent to the Al-Mishkhab Rice Research Station (MRRS) according to the scientific cooperation between these institutes. This trail aim to distinction the phenotypic relationship between these genotypes and the local rice varieties sowed in Iraq.

3. With in breeding program at Al-Mishkhab Rice Research Station (MRRS), we established of hybridization program for these genotypes and the local rice varieties to improving the rice local varieties. Our rice scientific staff was done many crossing aiming to improving local varieties or evolving new variety.