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Food Security in CWA

Undoubtedly, food security is a primary issue not only for Central West Asia but also for the world.  

Since national solutions of countries today has become insufficient, regional and even global solutions should be found for overcoming security challenges. 

Global challenges such as food security, climate change as well regional problems in our neighborhood call for prompt and coordinated action at regional and global level. Therefore, regional cooperation and solidarity in these areas have become crucial more than before. 

Fortunately, RRTC-CWA establishment is of great importance in terms of developing new technologies and train a cadre of young rice scientists and extension workers who can bring new technologies to rice farmers in Central- West Asia, ensuring food security and increased income through increasing the productivity of rice systems as well as enhancing resilience to climate change and climatic extremes.

Rice research and training activities will be intensified in the Central - West Asia region, as rice demand is projected to increase by 33% in 2020.