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Visit to Turkmenistan

The Central-West Asia region is much affected by significant fluctuations in rice yield & production. Therefore, coordinated efforts of CWARice linked strategically to the global rice science community will enhance rice R&D in Central-West Asia, as well as ensuring food security and increasing the productivity of rice systems through enhancing their resilience to climate change and climatic extremes.

Turkmenistan is one of Central-West Asian countries, chosen as a member country of CWARice based upon its geographical focus. Agriculture accounts for 14.6% of GDP and employs 30% of the population of 5.1 million (2011) of Turkmenistan.

otton and wheat are the major commodities; rice is a minor crop. Rice is traditionally sown in two regions of the country - Dashoguz and Lebap, taking into account soil and climatic conditions. As a whole, rice fields occupy 18 thousand 300 hectares of arable land. Turkmenistan plans to allot over 18 thousand hectares for cultivation of rice. At that, in Dashoguz province, the rice field will come to over 8 thousand hectares, and in Lebap over 10 thousand. These regions of the country are traditionally specialized in cultivation of pearl grain. In total, the Turkmen farmers planned to yield over 81 thousand tons of rice from allotted areas. Immediately bordering Dashoguz Region on the east, Lebaps geography is determined largely by the fact that it exclusively hosts the Amu Darya Rivers flow through Turkmenistan and also forms the start point of the 1500-kilometer long Karakum Canal.

Unfortunately, this esteemed country hasn’t had any active collaboration with regional center and its other members. Therefore, CWARice coordinator / head visited Turkmenistan based on arranged itinerary by Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Agriculture of Turkmenistan through Turkmenistan Embassy in Iran.

Dr. Shahdi had meetings with authorities of two Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Agriculture of Turkmenistan on 7 and 8 August, 2014. Coordinator delivered a detailed report on establishment of CWARice, main activities and its great role in leading member countries to enhance rice R&D in Central-West Asia.

Turkmenistan authorities announced their readiness to start a new phaseof cooperation with CWARice through introducing a representative for Technical Management Committee (TMC).

Dr. Shahdi met charge d'affaires of Iran embassy in Turkmenistan, Mr. Aghajanian on 8 August, 2014.

Mr. Aghajanian promised to assist with developing scientiific relations of CWARice and Turkmenistan in Future.