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Organizing a consultative workshop on supreme management strategies to flourish capacities of rice sector in CWA

The one-day consultative workshop on supreme applied management strategies to assess agricultural-rice capacities in Central-West Asia held on 13 August, 2014, at CWARice office in collaboration with Rice Research Institute of Iran (RRII) and academic relations and international affairs office of AREEO. The workshop aimed to set up a comprehensive and sustainable operating model of cooperation in order to investigate how to exploit concerned capabilities of CWA, describe international technical and legal provisions of germplasm exchange and also more importantly, review signed Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between CWARice / IRRI & Ministry of Agriculture of Azerbaijan to compile a work plan.

The invitees were Director Generals of key agricultural research institutes, state universities of Northern provinces (Guilan and Mazandaran), Jahad-e-Agriculture organization of Guilan / Mazandaran / Golestan provinces, Plant Protection Organization, Institute of Applied Scientific Higher Education of Jahad-e-Agriculture, Agricultural Biotechnology Research Institute, Plant Pathology Research Institute, Agricultural Technical-Engineering Research Institute of Iran, Soil and Water Research Institute, Seed and Plant Improvement Institute and Haraz extension & technology development institute.

All participants dividing into executive and research groups negotiated over the potential and abilities of their concerned institutions in order to flourish capacities of rice sector of CWA region and also talked about possible strategies to achieve high aims of regional center to the benefit of all member countries.

In the workshop, Dr. K. A. Shahdi made a speech on the importance of promoting cooperation in rice science, training & research activities in CWA such as a joint research project, EMERGE-CWA. Then, Dr. Ahangarani elucidated international plant quarantine laws and regulations on import and export of rice seed between Iran and 10 CWA member countries.

The results of this consultative workshop was reported to all TMC members at the 3rd TMC meeting in Kazakhstan.