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1- Selection of female plants

  • Insect and disease free healthy plant
  • Selection of flowers expected to open by next morning
  • Removal of immature and open flowers


  • Purpose of emasculation to prevent pollination
  • Selection of panicles expected to open in the morning
  • Selection of spikelets whose anther length about 60%
  • Lemma and palea need to cut at a place 20% below from the tip
  • vacuuming of anthers involves an aspirator and high speed suction of pollen from the anthers of flowers with a minimum damage to the stigma
  • Best time: afternoon
  • Bagging of emasculated flowers with polythene



  • Process of collecting anther and pollen grains of desired male parent and putting in the stigma at the emasculated flower of desired female parent
  • Done in the next morning when the stigma is receptive
  • Collection of yellow and turgid anthers from desired male plant and putting them in bright sunlight for 15 minutes
  • Temporary removal of bag from female plants and pollination is done by dusting pollens over stigma surface of emasculated buds
  • Sometimes whole anther is inserted inside the florets with the help of forceps
  • Top of the plants with bud inside the bag
  • Two clips through holes
  • Exchanges of gases
  • Stop the visit of insect
  • After bagging tag bear following information:
  • Cross combination (BR3 x BRRI dhan 29)
  • Date of emasculation
  • Date of pollination
  • Numbers of buds pollinated Signature of the breeder

4- Harvesting 

  • After about 25 days harvest the hybrid seeds