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RRRTC-CWA Coordinator / Head’s negotiations in Kazakhstan and Tajikistan Embassies

Dr. Shahdi visited Mr. Serik Zhumabekov in Kazakhstan Embassy in the morning on Monday 9 June, 2014. After his primary address about programs of regional center for 2014, they had entered into negotiations over holding the 3rd TMC meeting on September, 2014 in Kazakhstan based on agreed minutes of the 2nd TMC. Mr. Serik Zhumabekov stated that Embassy will undertake to pursue this issue seriously from Ministry of Foreign of Republic of Kazakhstan and that would be an honor for Kazakhstan to host this important event.

Another meeting with Mr. Narzikhan Zaerov was conducted in the afternoon in Tajikistan Embassy revolving around the mutual collaboration of Tajikistan as an esteemed member country and representing TMC member of Tajikistan which should be represented by the head of the government institution charged with responsibility for rice sector development and governance, including rice-related research and development. In this regard, they talked about the necessity of designating a Permanent Representative as well as Alternate Permanent Representatives to TMC, in order to improve the communication between RRRTC and member countries. They hoped that with the help of respected embassy, future cooperation of Tajikistan and RRRTC-CWA will be more effective.