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CWARice participation at conference held by UNOSSC

National Conference entitled "New Methods for Advancing Economic Diplomacy with Emphasis on Development Cooperation" was held on Sunday 22/10/2018 at the State Department's Office of Studies, in collaboration with the Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for Economic Diplomacy and the United Nations South-South Center for cooperation. Ansari, Deputy Foreign Minister for Foreign Diplomacy of Iran, George C. Chadik, special Representative of the Secretary-General and Director of International Cooperation South-South office of the United Nations, Khazaei, Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance and Head of Investment Organization as well as representatives of international cooperation agencies of some countries were present at this conference.
Dr. Shahdi, head of CWARice attended this meeting based on invitation from Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. CWARice Coordinator addressed a speech on CWARice mission and aims in Central and West Asia region related to its compiled development strategies. On the sidelines of this summit, Dr. Shahdi negotiated with Mr. Chadik, Mrs. Joudan, Representative of United Nations Population Fund in Iran and Mrs. Ozturk, TIKA representative from Turkey. In this conversation, he emphasized on CWARice effective role for food security of CWA region through rice sustainability and mentioned that CWARice activities could be contributed at framework of
Iran and United Nations Office for South-South Cooperation (UNOSSC). Considering targets of CWARice to assist developing countries, this regional center could be backed up by UN.
Advanced global challenges couldn’t be tackled without the consensus of the whole world on using cooperative strategies. CWA region with its significant economic power, vast natural resources and dynamic work force, has a huge development potential which we should harness in the interest of all our member countries. A coordinated regional effort linked strategically to the global rice science community, was needed for enhancing rice R&D in Central-West Asia. No country alone is able to make the fundamental scientific breakthrough to address the burning issues of the future.
In general, Coordination, Cooperation & Partnership (CCP) are the main drivers for reaching CWARice’s vision of success and regional center will provide a new umbrella for strengthening and expanding partnerships between CWA countries. For sure, an effective partnership of public & private sectors, policy makers, stakeholders & scientists of member countries and international organizations at CWARice operations will contribute to achieving its goals towards rice sustainable development and food security in CWA region.
With this new opportunity identified by CWARice coordinator about cooperation with UNOSSC, member countries are supposed to collaborate with CWARice for this matter through their esteemed countries as well.