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CWARice head met with Deputy Minister of agriculture of Azerbaijan Republic

Based on official invitation, Dr. Shahdi, Coordinator/ Head of CWARice had a meeting with deputy minister of agriculture of Azerbaijan, Dr. Ilhom Quilyev on Thursday 12 Sept., 2019 at ministry building, Baku. Dr. Quliyev thanked Dr. Shahdi for his attention to rice sector of Azerbaijan and prepared 5-year program of CWARice for 10 Central and West Asian countries. Based on agreed minutes of 6th TMC meeting of Azerbaijan held in Baku, he proposed their demand to have consulting role of CWARice headed by Dr. Shahdi to improve rice production of Azerbaijan according to identified neediness and challenges of rice sector of Azerbaijan.
CWARice head while elaborating main emphasized on public and private sector of Azerbaijan cooperation to implement education- research and development plans of CWARice specialized for Azerbaijan aligning CWARice mission for Central and West Asia rice sector.