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Webinar: Modern Techniques in Rice Breeding (Part I): Mutation Breeding


CWARice is a regional center of excellence for technology development on breeding, production management, education, training facility, mechanization, marketing and industry on rice crop in Central-West Asia.

The 5-year program (2018-2022) of CWARice compiled on the basis of adopted new collaboration strategies of CWARice-IRRI-Iran to flourish capacities, opportunities and initiatives of rice sector in CWA region. Indeed, the main essence of the program is establishing active networks via research, education and development plans exploiting capacities of public and private sectors of CWA countries to the benefit of Central and West Asian Rice society. It is worth mentioning about the program that there is a linkage between research and education projects with development ones to be make them all operational in the form of core networks.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are trying to accomplish our educational programs through series of webinars in line with above-mentioned 5-year program (2018-2022).  

The webinar entitled: Modern Techniques in Rice Breeding-Mutation Breeding held on Tuesday 13 Oct., 2020 through CWARice website for attendees from Iran, Turkey, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. The main aim of this webinar was to review achievements, new developments, trends and challenges in the field of plant mutation breeding by respected speaker: Dr. Alireza Nabipour, rice scientific of Rice Research Institute of Iran(RRII, Amol, Iran. .