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CWARice Coordinator attended 2nd meeting of Organic Ecosystem project undergoing by CIHEAM Bari

The CIHEAM Bari as well as several public and private institutions from 7 Med countries, EgyptJordanLebanonItalyTunisiaGreece and Spain, are partners in the EU ENI-CBCMED project ORGANIC ECOSYSTEM (Boosting cross border Organic Ecosystem through enhancing agro-food alliances).

The project intends to establish a cross-border agro-food ecosystem, which will set the ground for the development of the Mediterranean whole organic sector. This will be encouraged through new business alliances, creation of innovative value chains, and specialized support provided to MSMEs to increase the quality and the commercialization of products and their capacities to access to new markets.

CWARice has been conducting a megaproject on organic rice products based on value chain targets, which concerned R & D activities led to optimistic results.

Due to overlapping of CWARice megaproject and its subprojects with organic ecosystem project, CIHEAM Bari requested for circulating an Executive Agreement for the creation of a Cross-Border Organic Agro-Food Open Ecosystem between themselves and CWARice headed by Dr. Shahdi. According to CIHEAM Bari, it will give a boost to the joint effort the project is making with the partners countries in creating this Cross-Border Organic Agro-Food Open Ecosystem in Central and West Asia.

In this regard, Dr. K. A. Shahdi, megaproject leader invited by CIHAM Bari to attend 2nd Organic Ecosystem meeting. He participated this online meeting on 10-02-2021 at 10:00- 12:00 Italian Time. The meeting was a good occasion to know better the project aims and participants updated about its state of art.

Undoubtedly, a linkage between CWARice and CIHEAM Bari would be a fortune for Central and West Asian countries to exchange their knowledge in this field with European countries, Dr. Shahdi noted.