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Rice Production Course

Rice production course was held through initiative of CWARice in cooperation with IRRI and RRII on 24 June- 5 July, 2013 in Rasht, Iran. Sixteen rice experts and researchers from Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Turkey underwent the two-week Rice Production Training Course. Its educational affairs (including theoretical and practical parts) were conducted by two senior managers of IRRI (Engs. J. F. Rickman and E. Castro) with assistance of ten Iranian rice scientists. This training course  covered all aspects of rice production and processing. It was presented in English, Persian, and Russian and showed participants the best practices in Rice Production. RP cpurse described every step to produce rice from land preparation and planting to post production. At each step, trainees learned what the best management practices are to get the highest possible quantity and quality of rice. This course aimed in the first place at junior researchers, extension and development workers in Central-West Asia to update their knowledge on techniques associated with concerned countries’ rice cultivation.

In addition to different educational training programs of the training course, CWARice arranged a socio-educational tour for trainees that included a visit to local rice-fish-duck farms, rice seedling farms, rice mills, and manufacturers of rice machinery in Guilan province. Rice production course provided the participants with knowledge of the rice crop ecosystems and familiarization with key activities and time lines in rice production; understanding the rice crop and its interaction with the environment and the rice cropping calendar; the broad theme covering growing and managing rice crop, post-harvest management to respond to farmers’ problems; understanding the importance of mechanizing rice production operations and knowledge sharing within the national extension community. In the closing ceremony dated on 5 July, IRRI scientists and representatives of 8 member countries presented their comments about the course and its educational quality. Then, their certificates were given them by Dr. Shahdi, Dr. Davat Gar, Mr. J. Lapitan and Mr. J. F. Rickman. The major achievement of rice production course for member countries in addition to the specific aims was submitting the concept proposal of two other training courses including the second batch of rice production and rice breeding courses (prepared by Dr. K. A. Shahdi, Mr. J. Lapitan and Mr. F. Rickman) to Islamic Development Bank.